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Always on hand when you need it.

It's one of the family.



Always on hand when you need it.

It's one of the family.

Cab. Everything in view.


Optimum visibility.

You are always in touch with what’s going on thanks to the large glazed area of the cab. It ensures you have an unrestricted view to the front and the sides so that you can monitor the cutterbar at all times.

Excellent lighting.

The powerful work lights turn night into day: two running lights, two work lights on the cab and a spotlight for the discharge spout ensure optimal illumination of every last corner of your working environment.


All information at a glance in central display

Commanding operating position.

You can only concentrate on your work fully and work with maximum productivity if you have a comfortable seating position and can assimilate all the relevant information at a glance. Sitting in the comfortable operator's seat of the DOMINATOR, you have all the key information in your immediate field of vision, including the analogue displays for the cutting height and ground pressure. What's more, the control and monitoring console with throughput monitoring is organised clearly and easy to operate.

The steering column is adjustable for maximum comfort. The central display integrated in the steering column provides all the key information:

  • Warning lights for parameters/conditions such as engine temperature, battery charge, engine oil pressure, air filter, handbrake status
  • Grain tank filling status for 100% and 70% full
  • Function monitoring, such as the speed of the feeder housing, grain elevator, returns elevator, intensive separation system drive and the straw chopper; display of the speed of the transmission input shaft or the threshing drum

View of grain tank

Direct view.

Sometimes a glance into the grain tank can tell you more than any number of sensors. A large inspection window in the back of the DOMINATOR cab enables visual yield monitoring. The returns can be seen comfortably from the operator's seat and the returns monitoring flap can be opened from the cab by means of a lever.


Ergonomic cab.

There is usually only a narrow window of opportunity for the harvest. This means that you have to be able to concentrate fully on your work with every control input carried out correctly and instantaneously. The controls in the DOMINATOR are organised with this in mind: each lever and control is located in exactly the right position to ensure that you always have a full grasp of the situation and can avoid unnecessary control inputs.

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