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The large fixed-chamber baler.

Thanks to its robust drives, reinforced rollers, and easy operation and maintenance, the ROLLANT 620 is optimally suited to everyday use.


The large fixed-chamber baler.

Thanks to its robust drives, reinforced rollers, and easy operation and maintenance, the ROLLANT 620 is optimally suited to everyday use.

Bale chamber and tying.


Bale chamber and rollers. Better for you to put the squeeze on the harvest rather than the other way round.

  • NEW: Reinforced rollers for maximum operational reliability
  • New roller shape means bale drive is perfectly attuned with bale chamber
  • Faster and more reliable bale discharge

Robust steel rollers.

The 17 steel rollers in the ROLLANT 620 have been improved further, and are now even stronger and more stable. They compress the crop into compact bales that keep their shape, and ensure reliable bale rotation even in very dry harvesting conditions. The new compaction rollers installed at the points in the bale chamber with the highest loading guarantee maximum operational reliability in all conditions.

Better bale drive, thanks to a new roller shape.

The ROLLANT models have been processing crops into perfectly shaped bales for many years now. This success is due in part to customisation to the volume of our bale chambers, and in part to the increase in roller diameter in the ROLLANT 620. This leads to a bale drive that is optimally matched to the bale chamber, and to perfectly shaped results in all conditions – whether haylage, hay or straw.


Quick opening and closing: the tailgate.

The double-acting hydraulic ram allows the tailgate to be opened and closed very quickly. The bale ramp ensures that the bale always rolls back far enough to enable you to close the tailgate. There's no need to back up before discharging the bale – which is good news for drivers and tractors alike.


Tying. Putting in the effort has its rewards.

  • Ideally shaped bales: with new net wrapping
  • The choice is yours: net wrapping or twine tying
  • Direct view of wrapping system

In great shape with the new net wrapping.

Whether twine or net, you'll be sure to get everything right with the ROLLANT 620. The new net-wrapping system works more reliably than ever, and saves time – wrapping is fully automatic and takes only a few seconds. The net guidance has been redesigned, and the net brake has been improved. Together, these ensure good wrapping and a better bale shape. The sophisticated net guide allows the net to be applied tightly along the entire width of the bale, and firmly binds the edges as well.


The alternative: twine tying.

You can choose between a manual and an automatic twine start. The automatic system starts the process when the final pressure is reached, and the driver is then informed by a buzzer and warning lamp.

Wrapping and tying always in view.

Whichever type of binding you choose, you'll always have a clear view of the process. In the ROLLANT 620, the tying system is directly visible even while driving, and you're kept informed about the progress of the operation at all times.

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