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DISCO mowers.

Perfect results in all operating conditions.

The MAX CUT mower bar is now fitted on all CLAAS front mowers and almost all DISCO rear mowers. The CLAAS name stands for professional equipment, from the smallest model to the largest.

DISCO mowers.

Perfect results in all operating conditions.

The MAX CUT mower bar is now fitted on all CLAAS front mowers and almost all DISCO rear mowers. The CLAAS name stands for professional equipment, from the smallest model to the largest.

Two-wheeled mowing performance – trailed mowers.

Like their mounted counterparts, trailed DISCO mowers also offer outstanding technical features and high hectare coverage.

Keeping it flexible.

Trailed CONTOUR mowers

Trailed DISCO mowers with central drawbar provide all the capacity required for high work rates and a successful forage harvesting result.

  • Full use of the working width.

    Thanks to the combination of two double-acting rams, the mower can be pivoted to either side via the central drawbar. One of the rams acts as a stop mechanism, stabilising the mower unit. The drawbar adjustment function available on request – no tools required – allows trailed DISCO mowers to be adapted quickly for all tractors and track widths. This means you can use the full working width on both sides.

  • Ample traction.

    The large-size tyres (380/55 R 17 for the DISCO 3600 TRC and TC models, and 340/55-16 12 PR for the DISCO 3200 TRC, TC and TC AUTOSWATHER models) result in maximum soil protection, plus excellent stability when working on slopes and at the headland, or for road transport. The road speed is up to 40 km/h, with ground clearance of 50 cm.

  • Ample flexibility – the DISCO 3200 TC AUTOSWATHER.

    The belt unit for swath grouping is a real winner: in combination with a DISCO front mower, for example, it can lay the crop from a working width of 6.00 metres into a compact swath. The cross conveyor is driven via an integrated on-board hydraulic system. Belt speed is continuously adjustable with a separate control unit. To protect against operator errors, the belt unit switches on and off automatically when the mower is lowered or raised. The lift function parallel to the ground means there is always sufficient ground clearance at the headland.

Complete product range.

Trailed DISCO mowers with side drawbar

Trailed DISCO mowers with side drawbar have a working width of 3.00 metres, and are fitted with a tine or roller conditioner.


NEW: Double swath for the JAGUAR. Now with MAX CUT.

The hydraulically pivotable additional swath formers behind the conditioner feed the crop through the system, forming a uniform swath. In this way, a double swath approx. 3.20 m wide is created in two passes. As the next step in the operation, this swath can then be picked up directly, for example with a JAGUAR (3.8-m pickup).

Like all DISCO trailed mowers, the DISCO 3150 TC FLAPGROUPER is equipped with special DISCO features:

  • MAX CUT cutterbar with quick knife change system and SAFETY LINK
  • Steel tine conditioner with adjustable conditioning intensity
  • Bracket for attaching to tractor lower link
  • Gear change box (choice of either 540 rpm or 1,000 rpm)
  • Drive shaft with 250-h lubrication interval and double wide-angle joint
  • Scale to adjust cutting height
  • Tool-free setting of ground pressure with coil springs
  • Swivelling drive head for optimal manoeuvring
  • Another satisfied customer.

    Christophe Bernigaud farms in the French region of Charolais-Brionnais, with a herd of around 150 cattle.

    The DISCO FLAPGROUPER process has become the norm for harvesting in this region, as Christophe Bernigaud explains:

    "In contrast to the situation in many other European countries, the legislation in France allows pick up working widths of more than 3.00 metres. The advantage of this process is that we can lay double swaths directly, which can then be gathered with the forage harvester's pick up. The JAGUAR gets all the material it needs, and all the working steps between mowing and gathering in are eliminated. In summer my animals are normally out grazing in the field, while in winter they are fed only on grass silage, hay and a little bit of maize. That naturally puts the emphasis on results: productivity, a clean cut, and ultimately a good quality crop - all the things we need."

  • Handy around the farm.

    Christophe Bernigaud is delighted with this technology, because in spite of its size, the mower is quickly folded up for easy and safe transport on the road.